rewatching the last two episodes tonight....can't believe the last one is tomorrow....then a period of grief and loss...mourning and pining away for mor Doctor.

BBC promises me 5 more until specials of 08 and 09 and 3 other specials....They better deliver!!

ok, so I am wrong

After hearing Mr. Obama's speech in it's entirety, I feel a little better about him (Although he did go back on his earlier interviews where he lied about not being in the congregation during some of the "controversial" sermons).

I do appreciate what he says. Honestly, he says what I love to hear. But how will he do it without backrupting the country even further? I don't know enough about the economy, but with gas, groceries, heating oil...everything...jumping sky high in price. Being in the upper-lower class bracket, I am afraid of the future. Will I be able to provide for my kids, to keep the house heated next winter, to be have gas to drive to work this summer? I don't want to have to rely on the government for handouts.

This way of having the goverment pay everyone out of trouble goes along with the the typical wetern mind-set--the philosophy of western medicine: treating the symptoms, but not the source of the problem. But, unfortunately the problem itself may be our bloated, chaotic, confused, red-tape ridden, government.

I still don't know what I will do regarding the upcoming elections. Pennsylvania's primaries are coming up next month. I am registered independent and will stay that way. I guess I am a moderate, with conservative leanings--but I am in NO WAY pro McCain. I guess I am too negative, I don't think any of the candidates will do anything positive for the country and we will be stuck in this rut for the next 4 years. Clinton: I have absolutely no trust in. Obama: I REALLY want to believe he will try to do what he says, but I don't know....hmmm...Nader?? Paul?? I Know!! Perot in '08!!!

Obama's preacher of hatred

I see three possible outcomes with the whole Obama/Wright situation:

1. Obama knew about the pastor's beliefs and anger with white America, but is trying to cover up his relationship by lying about this because he truly is embarrassed by his association with him and doesn't believe in the same ideals.

2. Obama knew about J.Wright's beliefs and shares those beliefs. But is denying his values now in order to stay in the presidential race.

3. Obama is totally clueless. Maybe he only attended that church to be "Seen" that he was a good Christian, and really didn't pay any attention to the sermons or he is just the world's worst judge of character.

All three options are scary to me. We could either be electing a Liar who will say what needs to be said in order to get what he wants; we could get a president who hates a large portion of the population he is leading; or we get a president who is naively unaware of the dangers that are surrounding the USA.

Doctor Who

Was just checking out some of the publicity photos for the upcoming season. eh.

So...What's the deal with David Tennant's eyebrow? I expect him to start using the term "intriguing" and following the logical doctrine of Vulcan.

God Consciousness

I am a Buddhist-Wiccan-Christian. I have been seeking enlightment, or God Consciousness since 1988. Ever since I met Mr. Si, a true Taoist Master. Learning from him, I learned what was real and what wasn't in this life. During the time I met with him and his group, I became involved with and initiated into I-Kuan-Dao, a religion that incorporates confucianism, taoism, buddhism, islam, judiaism and chritianity (a basic acceptance of other religions).

I am a regular church goer, more for my children's sake than my own. I want them to have a good moral compass to start life with; I will accept whatever beliefs they develop in the future--well, unless it is some sort of Charles Manson/Jim Jones-type thing.

Spiritually I have been seeking the "oneness" with God. Over the years I have made gains and have hit blockades. There have been moments where I touched the light and others where I have been sunk into darkness. I have found several barriers to attaining the light:

1. Attachment: this is being stuck on material things, possessions, wealth, body, and people--there is also attachement to percieved power. This is one I will never surpass, for the near future anway, because I am attached to my family and will be for my lifetime. Will I ever evolve because of this? It is a different type of attatchment, it is one out of pure love not greed-love.

2. Fear: This is the fear of evil. This is the fear of having your attachments taken away from you. this fear leads to anger and hatred over anyone or anything you percieve as a threat to your attachments. Fear leads to vengeful thoughts/feelings.

3. Forgetting: This is one that I just realized was a barrier today. It has triggered this post, really. The main reason for my loss of any advances and for the descent into darkness is when I forget what I have learned. Practicing meditation daily, reading literature on philosophy and religion, living in a mindful way is how I stay on the path. When I get out of practice doing these things is when I forget. I forget for months at a time, it is hard to get back on track. Even with the fulfillment that comes with mindful living, it is so easy to forget. It is easier just to let the mind go untamed and numb to life. This stunted mindset can last for long periods of time until I happen to read a sentence or pick up a book that reminds me what I should be doing.

The thing is, there are other forces out there that help to remind me. When this happens, is takes a few "coincidences" before it finally gets through the veil and I listen to what I am being told. It may be the appearance of a strange book title, someone saying a particular phrase from the past; then, the next day I see a material representation of what is said--such as a book or TV show, or artwork.

Right now, I realize that I need to continue my pursuit of this goal. But I also need to be more persistent with my daily practice. I must put asisde the excuses and do it.

Addicted to Google Reader

Or perhaps I'm just an imformation addict in general. I have found since I first started using Google Reader and iGoogle last year, I have increased from reading 10 posts a day to skimming through and reading over 1,000 a day. I feel the urge to keep checking back throughout the day if any new news articles have arrived.

I am still looking for more and more areas to keep track of each day. So far I have general news coverage; politics--conservative, moderate, and liberal; entertainment-film and tv; philosophy; religion; psychology; culture; technology; science; computing; finance; and science fiction.

If anyone out there is reading this...send me your favorit sites so I can add their RSS feeds. Thanks.
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Barillary O'Cain

I personally do not think any of our current candidates for President will make any positive changes in our country. Right now, I am just trying to figure out which one will do the least damage over the next 4 years.

It has been rather humorous the last few weeks as the primaries wind down and the candidates turn into kindergarteners. This week, a DJ at a McCain rally referred to Barrack's middle name, Hussien. McCain immediately apologized that he did not condone this action. Mrs. Obama then denounced that act as well and said that it is in poor taste to point out that middle name. "He who must not be named" has been denouncing how his heritage is being used against him by Hillary and now McCain.

Who do you think would do the least damage?:

He who must not be named, Billary, or Ol' man McCain
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